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Groupe Stena is a commercial construction and design company that values its employees, suppliers and customers. We are a team of skilled professionals dedicated to providing quality service and products to all our customers across Canada.

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History & Experience
since 1989

Jacques Therrien started Stena construction. Working from his home office the company initially offered project management and site supervision services.


Having gained a reputation for being hardworking and committed to excellence, Jacques was offered a project for a new big box retailer entering Canada. This marked the start of a professional relationship between the retailer and Stena that we still maintain to this day.

Jacques opens a millwork shop to keep up with the demands from clients, this marks the creation of Les Industries Stena. Working out of a 24 000 square foot facility, he also employed his wife, brother and son, officially marking the company as a family owned and operated business.


This year marks a massive milestone for the company, a piece of land was purchased and the construction of Stena’s new home began. By 2002, the 45 000 square foot facility was complete and now housed employees of both Stena Construction and Les Industries Stena and offered construction and millwork services as well as a warehouse facility.


Due to an influx of work from several clients, the company decided to invest in what was at the time the most modern machinery in order to keep up with their production schedule. This along with new management allowed Stena to become a powerhouse in the industry.


Another big box american retailer was looking to expand into Canada and turned to Stena for their installation and production services, allowing the company to further expand.


Marks the year of Mr. Jacques retirement. The companies would continue to be run by his partner Christian Aubin as well as his son, Stéphane Therrien. Additionally, a CNC machine was added to the production line, allowing for more precise and efficient production of custom cabinetry and millwork.


Billy Vardaxoglou, a long time Stena employee is offered the Position of Vice President, marking him as the company’s third official partner alongside Stéphane and Christian.


Marks the year of Christian’s retirement and with that Billy officially becomes a President. Alongside Stéphane, the two continue to provide their clients with exceptional service and quality products.

The company also decides it’s time to rebrand and simplify. Up until this point the two companies, Les Industries Stena and Stena Construction have worked parallel to one another, often intertwining to fulfill job requirements. The idea is to unite the two companies under one umbrella name and create a brand identity that represents both equally, the result was Groupe Stena. A fresh new Groupe Stena Logo is created and business cards are reprinted to match the new brand identity. 


Retaining the momentum created from the year prior, the Groupe Stena Head Office undergoes renovations to modernize the facilities and better represent the company’s values and capabilities.

Today, we continue to maintain strong relationships with clients we have worked with for many years as well as create new relationships. While the company has expanded and many new members have joined our team, the core values of Stena, set in place all those years ago by Mr. Jacques Therrien have remained the same and continue to flourish.

Success from one to
an incredible team

Groupe Stena has evolved from a one man operation working out of a home office to a successful business with a team of over 20 individuals dedicated to providing our clients with impeccable service and quality products. Although the company has grown over the years, our standards have remained the same and are based on family values and practices. Transparency, strong work ethic, dedication and respect still are the core principles from which we continue to draw inspiration from every day.

We’d like to take this moment to thank our team of diligent and driven employees for always going above and beyond for our company, your dedication is truly inspiring. We would also like to thank all of our trades and suppliers for their continued commitment and hard work.

Finally, we’d like to thank our clients for collaborating with us and entrusting us with your projects. Together, we continue to move forward, excited for the future of our company for our next generation of leaders and partners.

Billy Vardaxoglou & Stéphane Therrien

The Team

Our dedicated
skilled professionals

Stéphane Therrien

President, Industries Stena Inc. Vice-president Stena Construction Multiservices Inc. Vice-President Immeubles Stena Inc.

Billy Vardaxoglou

President Stena Construction Multiservices Inc. Vice-president Industries Stena Inc. President Immeubles Stena Inc.

Eleni Vardaxoglou

Interior Designer

Antoine Martineau

Drafting & Programming

Frédéric Aubin

Project Manager

Aleko Vardaxoglou

Project Manager

Ray Alberga

Maintenance Project Coordinator

Chantal Bujold

Purchasing & Administration

France Gingras

Inventory Management


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